What we stand for


We want to support our neighborhood and community with resources, information, and events; that bring our community together


We advocate for our community with different organizations that impact our local community. This includes Foothills Parks, Jefferson County, and other public organizations that impact our neighborhood 


We support our neighborhood and neighbors with help, resources, and information to help keep our neighborhood beautiful creating a vibrant and engaging community for everyone

About the Neighborhood Association

The Lakehurst West Neighborhood Association Inc. (LWNA) is a volunteer association.  The group consists entirely of residential property owners – just like you – working together to make the Lakehurst and Lakehurst West communities a great place to live. LWNA wants to work with you to protect your home, your investment, and our community.

Upcoming Events


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Spring Cleaning/Day of Service

Community Spring Clean/Day of Service LWNA is proud to announce our first annual “Spring Clean” and “Day of Service” LWNA knows that we all have busy schedules and don’t always have time to stay up Read more…

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