Business Partnership Program

Lakehurst West Neighborhood Association is looking to partner with local community businesses to provide services for our valued members. When you partner with LWNA we will help get your business in front of our members who are looking to keep their valued dollars in our local community. 

Ways you can help:

  • Provide a donation to our organization
  • Advertise in our Newsletter “The Honker”
  • Provide discounts to our valued members
  • Support one of our community events

To learn more or become a partner, please reach out to and put Business Partner in the subject line. 

We look forward to partnering with you to help improve your business and our local community!

Advertising in the Newsletter

Our community newsletter is called “The Honker” it goes to to hundreds of residents in our neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to reach a demographic of people who might be missed by your businesses traditional marketing methods, while supporting your local community. 

Advertising Costs:

Business card sized Ad:

$25 per Honker or $65 Annually (3 Honker’s per year)

Honker Title Sponsor:

This featured Buisness will get branding in the front of the Honker, with the tag line “LWNA Honker brought to you by (Insert your business here)”.

In addition they will get a Larger Ad above the other business’s in the “Business Partners” section of the Honker.

This Title sponsorship of the Honker is a $500 annual donation (tax deductible) and helps us offset our printing and mailing costs for our community newsletter.