About The Lakehurst West Neighborhood Association

The Lakehurst West Homeowners Association Inc. (LWHOA) is a volunteer association.  The group consists entirely of residential property owners – just like you – working together to make the Lakehurst and Lakehurst West communities a great place to live. LWHOA wants to work with you to protect your home, your investment, and our community.

Located in South Jefferson County, Colorado — Our community is bound by Kipling Avenue to the east, Simms Street to the west, Quincy Avenue to the north, and Belleview Avenue to the south.

The Lakehurst West Homeowners Association meets three times per year, usually on the third Tuesday of the month in March, July, and November.

What we do:

  • Neighborhood cleanup
  • Neighborhood improvement planning
  • Produce newsletter three times a year
  • Support our neighborhood assistance team in working with residents needing assistance in maintaining their homes and/or yards
  • Contact city when something is wrong and a homeowner needs extra backing
  • Addressing complaints and educating neighbors regarding the Lakehurst neighborhood covenants and Jefferson County zoning regulations
  • Community events

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t enforce a draconian set of rules.  The by-laws mostly cover duties of executive officers, the timing and procedures for board meetings, etc.
  • We don’t hassle homeowners about little things
  • We don’t pay the city for services pertaining to the area. The parks are maintained by Foothills Park & Recreation District.
  • We don’t pay the board members, everything is run by volunteers.


Our team is made up entirely of volunteers. We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little help goes a long way.