Sidewalk Issues/Letter Writing Campaign


We are still working tirelessly to try and resolve our sidewalk issues that have plagued our neighborhood for decades. We have not had much success in trying to use logic and reason to persuade Jefferson County planning and zoning to take ownership of the “Public Access Easement” consisting of the sidewalks around the park and in the neighborhood surrounding the park. 

In response we are going to try to apply political pressure via a “letter writing campaign” to help us get a satisfactory resolution that allows a public entity such as Jefferson County to take ownership and protect the easement that allows our community safe public access around our oldest part of the neighborhood and park. 

Our County Commissioner is Lesley Dahlkemper. She is running for re-election this fall. We would like you to reach out to her and express your interest in having her help our community resolve the sidewalk issue for our neighborhood. 

We have created a website with a sample letter that you can copy and paste and send to her, in hopes that she will engage with the LWNA to resolve the sidewalk issue once and for all, and for the benefit of our community and the broader public as a whole.

PLEASE take 5 min to send an email to help us advocate for a resolution to this community issue…

Lesley Dahlkemper’s Email:




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